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Chris and Sarah Shotliff, both born and raised in Minnesota, came to Texas at different times. Their lives became entwined, they started performing together, and they inevitably fell in love and got married. They are known as, ‘The Great Trumpet.’

Live performances vary from intimate duo to full band. Drawing from many musical styles, their sound ranges from gospel folk to honky-tonk funk. Chris' guitar playing features clean tones on the Telecaster and versatile fingerstyle picking on the acoustic. Sarah plays the washboard and ukulele. They're both lead singers who trade off while the other harmonizes.

A common question is, "How did you get your band name?" as a trumpet is not typically featured. For Chris and Sarah, 'The Great Trumpet' is a symbol. The Trumpet represents the people, and when all are united by living their best life, being authentic in their human journey, choosing love-based actions, and speaking their truth, THAT'S the sound of the horn.

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